We are born into physical bodies in a world full of material possessions, and begin to leave marks with our actions. All of the movements we have made and the marks we have left will inspire you, and bring you comfort. All moments pass whether they are good or bad; they carve your life just as rocks are carved by the weather — this has been my driving force and provided me with comfort.

All the process leaving imprints on soil is the past, and it leads to the present, making the result. The past adds up to make the present, and the process itself is what motivates us. The marks on the ceramic represent the traces of all of those past actions which have become motivation leading to the present day.

And now begins the story of the paintng. The imprints from the ceramic artwork representng ac5ons have been transferred to canvas rather than simply staying as a singular art form. The chains within the paintng are there to tell us that our traces never stop, repeat.